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5 vs 5
7AM Valorant Bash | The Tournament Edition #2
18/32 Teams

Checking in
Teams are required to check-in up to 1 hour before the tournament.

All games are BO1, with the final being a BO3.
All games will be played in Normal Custom Games, Tournament mode ON.

Contacting your opponent
Make sure you're on discord to contact your opponent or an admin in case of issues.
You can also find your opponent's IGN through their RIV4L profile.
Add each other in game and proceed to pick a map & side.

Picking a map & side (BO1)

1. The team on the left / higher team in bracket bans two maps
2. Opponents choose the map & side

Picking a map & side (BO3)

Game 1

1. The higher team in bracket bans two maps
2. Opponents choose the map & side

Game 2 (Switched around)

1. The lower team in bracket ban two maps
2. Opponents choose the map & side

Game 3

1. The team with most rounds won in the previous 2 games decides who bans first

Record your game
We encourage everyone to record all of their gameplay.
We retain the right to ask you to submit your gameplay should a cheating report be given.
This also works the other way where you may need to submit your footage if you think someone's cheating.

Use of external programs to improve one’s gameplay, such as bots, aim locks etc is prohibited and will result in a 2 year RIV4L-ban.
Additionally, you will be blacklisted from any future 7AM events.

Games are given 1 hour to finish. Should an opponent not show up 15 minutes after the hour (xx:15), please contact an admin. A team has to be complete with their signed up roster and/or substitutes. No exceptions will be allowed.

Each team is allowed to pause the game once every game, for up to 1 minute. This can be tactical, technical or otherwise. Once a team unpauses, they can no longer timeout again. If a team pauses for longer than 1 minute, contact an admin AFTER the game with proof.

We encourage streaming, but be aware of the vulnerabilities associated. An implemented delay of 2 minutes is recommended.
We are not responsible for any information your opponents may obtain from your stream.

Other rules
Admins preserve the right to make a decision regarding the rules at any point in time and hold a team accountable.


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