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5 vs 5
7AM Benelux Charity Showdown
12/12 Teams

== Rules == 

--Checking In--

Teams have to be ready 15 minutes before their scheduled match on every day of the tournament. If a team fails to show up within the next 10 minutes after their scheduled match time, they will be forced to forfeit.



-Group Stage

6 teams per groups

Best of One

Single Round Robin

Top 2 teams from each group advance to the Upper Bracket

3rd and 4th place from each group advance to the Lower Bracket

5th and 6th place from each group are eliminated

-Bracket Stage

Double Elimination Bracket

All matches are Best of Three



Teams are allowed to freely weave in players from their pre-roster lock registered roster only (see


--Side Selection--

Within the group stage, all side selections will be randomly assigned.

In the bracket stage, team with the higher seed will obtain side selection in odd game numbers (Game 1 & 3) while the other team get side selection in Game 2 solely

In case of two identical seeds facing each other, the first team with side selection will be decided through a coin toss.


--Bugs and Exploits--

If any teams is caught using bugs or exploits to their advantage they will be forced into forfeiting and will be removed from the tournament. Additionally, the team in question will be blacklisted from any future 7AM events.



To avoid excessive downtime, a maximum of 15 minutes pause per team will be allowed. If a team goes over that amount, they will be forced to forfeit their game.



Make sure to always use the tournament draft mode while creating your lobby and be sure to use provided tournament codes.


--End of Match--

At the end of a match, please post a screenshot of the end screen lobby and the match history link of the game. 

Additionally, always record replays of your games as we will be collecting them to create potential highlights and show unstreamed matched.



While 7AM will be broadcasting several matches, teams will be allowed to broadcast their own matches IF and ONLY IF they are not currently broadcasted on the main stream.

In order to be allowed to stream, we will require said players to include on their stream a link to donate to our case and a logo of the tournament (Please contact Izzy#0043 on Discord to ensure your stream follows the required norms). 

Be aware of the vulnerabilities associated. An implemented delay of 2 minutes is recommended.

We are not responsible for any information your opponents may obtain from your stream.



In case of emergency or need for help, please contact a support staff members in our Discord:


--Other Rules--

Admins preserve the right to make a decision regarding the rules at any point in time and hold a team accountable.

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