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2 vs 2
Summer in Verdansk
9/128 Teams


Platform: Crossplay (Crossplay MUST be enabled in game)

Game: Call of Duty: Warzone

Mode: Battle Royale Duos, Public Matchmaking

Map: Verdansk

Format: Timed Kill Race, 2 hours, top 3 games count towards final placing

Start: Thursday 08/07/2021, 20:00 CEST

End: Thursday 08/07/2021, 22:00 CEST
Your last game must be started 15 minutes before the end time (21:45 CEST), games started after that will not count. No excuses.


Setting up your account

To make sure that your results are correctly processed by our system, all participants need to make sure that the following information is submitted and correct:

Players must set their Call of Duty Data as visible to "All" to validate results. To do so, go to your Call of Duty Profile, under Linked Accounts, go to "Account Linking" and set "Data Visible" and "Searchable" to "All" for that account.

Now that your Call of Duty profile is set up correctly, make sure the correct information is filled in on the tournament website.

To make sure your Call of Duty information is up-to-date, go to "Games", in the menu on the right. If you did not fill in your Call of Duty info yet, use the drop-down menu to search for "Call of Duty Account" under "Add new game". Make sure that all the following information is correct and up-to-date! If your "Call of Duty Account" info is already filled in, you can click the "Edit" button to check or change the information.


Make sure that your "Call of Duty Username" is an EXACT match with your in game name. If you have unique player ID numbers enabled, they also need to be added. (PlayerName#1234567) For the best results, disable unique player ID numbers. You can find this setting in the in-game "Options" under "Account", set "Display Unique ID Numbers" to "Disabled".


Call of Duty Modern Warfare: How to Change Activision Name

This is a duos tournament, make sure that your team has 2 players before signing up.

Adding a teammate to your team
Click "My Teams" on the right. Create a new team by clicking "Create". Fill in the team details and click "Save". Once you're on the team page, go to the "Members" tab, then click "Invite User" and fill in their username. Once you have invited them to your team, your partner will see the invite under "Invites (x)" on the right. Once on the "Invites" page, they will see the team invite. Click on the green checkmark, and they will be added to the team. 



Teams will play as many games of public Warzone Duos matches as they can during the alloted 2 hour period of time. The best 3 games played during these 2 hours, will count towards the final score.

At the end of every game, players take a high quality screenshot or picture of the end game scoreboard. Both the player names, kills and damage must be clearly legible. Do not submit your results between games, but at the end of the tournament! Save the screenshots from each game, and submit them between 22:00 and 22:30 together with your results.

Point distribution
Points are awarded based on final team placements and eliminations. 

1st: 25 points
2nd: 20 points
3rd: 15 points
4th: 10 points
5th-7th: 7 points
8th-10th: 4 points
11th-15th: 2 points
16th-20th: 1 point
21th+: 0 points

Per elimination: +1 point


Tie breakers
In the event of a tie breaker, they will be decided as follows:

• Highest amount of wins

• Highest amount of total kills

• Most total points in a single game

• Most total kills in a single game


General rules

The admin has the final say and their decision is non-debatable. Contact the admin on Discord. All communication is confidential.


Teams and Rosters
A team must consist of 2 players, with accounts in good standing. Every player must use their main account, and have over 24 hours of play time.


At least one player on every team is required to stream every game during the tournament, and have VODs enabled. To enable VODs, go to your Creator Dashboard, click your Settings Tab. Click the Stream dropdown, and tick "Store past broadcasts".

If you are unable to stream due to bandwidth, you must be able to record your entire gameplay.


It is of the utmost importance, that every player takes a screenshot of the end game scoreboard AFTER EACH GAME. Player names, kills and damage must be clearly visible. Illegible screenshots will not count towards the final results!

How to make a screenshot on the PS4: Once you are on the end game scoreboard, press the "Share" button and then the triangle button to save the screenshot. Afterwards, go to your PS4 library, "Capture Gallery" locate the game and find it under "Screenshots", then take a high quality picture with your phone and upload it to the website.

How to make a screenshot on XBOX: Once you are on the end game scoreboard, press the "Xbox" button (the Xbox logo in the center of your controller). Once the guide is open, press the "Y" button. To view your screenshots, press the Xbox button, scroll to "Capture & share" using the RT trigger. (It may also be called "Broadcast & capture".) Scroll down to the "Recent Captures" tab and select it. View the screenshot, then take a high quality picture with your phone and upload it to the website. To save or share your screenshots, you'll need an Xbox Live Gold or Game Pass Ultimate membership. 



At the end of the 2 hours (03/07/2021, 22:00 CEST), players have 30 minutes to fill in the necessary fields and add their end game scoreboard screenshots in the "Results" tab on the tournament page. If you do not fill in this information, the system will not be able to process your results in the final results table. Filling in results and adding screenshots, is the responsability of the players. If it is not filled in in time, the results will NOT count.


Third party software or devices
VPNs (virtual private networks) or any location spoofing software is NOT allowed. Players found using spoofing software will face immediate DQ. This includes, but is not limited to: ExitLag, ExpressVPN, NordVPN, ProtonVPN, etc.

External devices that alter the workings of your hardware are also not allowed, and will result in an immediate DQ.


Cheats are not allowed. If a player is caught cheating, they will be removed from the tournament and banned from all RIV4L tournaments for a period of 2 years.

Cheats include, but are not limited to: 

ESP, Radar hacks, Wallhacks, Speedhacks, Aim Hacks, Hitbox manipulation, Teleportation, The usage of a bug/bugs to gain an advantage versus your opponents, Game file editing – (if not specified in “Game settings”), All 3rd party software or tools that are not allowed by the game publisher and that can give an unfair advantage to a player or team is classed as cheating and is not allowed. Examples of software that are not allowed are ReShade, SweetFX, and VibranceGUI, Betting, gambling, match-fixing/teaming.


Spirit of the rules
To ensure fair play and integrity of this tournament, the admins can modify these rules at any time if needed.

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